Saluting Rev. Loretta Harris-Caldwell, Founder of Blessings in the Storm

Posted: March 4, 2010 in Ordinary People/Extraordinary Things
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When Rev. Loretta Harris-Caldwell initially began visiting homeless shelters to minister to the women in Charlotte, North Carolina, she used her life experiences as an example that all things are possible through Christ. About 2 years ago, she started getting calls from other parts of North Carolina, and some calls from out of state. She brought in ladies who were mostly in abusive situations needing to change locations in order to prevent their abusers from locating them.

Blessings in the Storm is a Christian based outreach ministry for women and children. They minister to the women of Charlotte, NC, who have fallen victim to homelessness and worldly addictions. This ministry has been successful in seeing many souls saved and fully transformed. Blessings in the Storm seeks to be a bridge that takes women and children across the abyss from homelessness and worldly addictions, to being independent and self sufficient through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The mission of Blessings in the Storm is to:

  • Provide a safe place for women and children with structure, in order to build a new foundation through Biblical principles.
  • To offer personalized programs that teaches life management, parenting, and independent living.
  • To support active, participatory spiritual development (Church, Sunday School, Bible Study, etc.).
  • To ensure each person’s journey will be fostered through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Loretta’s ministry is a “ministry of helps.” The purpose is to come together, breaking down generational barriers of bondage, by using one’s strength for another’s weakness. Additionally, to come together by becoming as one through the power of the Holy Spirit is to achieve freedom and liberty. In 2009, she won three awards: Bank ofAmerica 2009 Local Hero, Links 107.9 – The Link Leading Lady 2009 and WBTV Hometown Hero for her work with Blessings in the Storm.

A tragedy occurred last year that makes Loretta more determined to do what she can to save the women she reaches out to. A beautiful young woman from Ethiopia named Tigist, who was a resident at Blessings in the Storm for two years, was brutally murdered by her boyfriend in the early hours of one fateful Saturday morning in 2009. Unbeknown to Loretta and Tigist, this man had a very dark side, while appearing to be humble and well-mannered. He took Tigist to church, to meet his parents and even helped her learn English. Tigist’s story is one that Loretta holds dear to her heart and use to teach the homeless mothers and children she reaches out to about the dangers that lurk out there. She calls the women she rescues her “daughters” (although she has one biological daughter, Katie D. Brave and a son Donnie Harris, Jr.).

Blessings in the Storm does not receive any federal, state or local funding. The organization has four transitional homes: Naomi’s House, Esther’s House and Sarah’s House are all used for women with children. Ruth’s House is used for single women. Blessings in the Storm currently has the following urgent needs:

  • Donations of food, school supplies, and other basic household necessities are always appreciated.
  • Monetary donations are needed for mortgage payments, transportation to doctor and job appointments, home maintenance, and monthly utilities. All donations are tax deductible.

For more information about Blessings in the Storm and where to send your donations, please visit their website at

Favorite Things for a CAUSE salutes Rev. Loretta Harris-Caldwell for the incredible mission she has undertaken, in order to reach out and help the least of these, regain a sense of hope and self-respect.

  1. ms. lee says:

    I briefly stayed at Blessing in the storm and miss loretta was awful. I wish I’d never heard of this place, I regret ever dealing with her. Her brother tried to molest me while I was staying there and I definitely did not feel safe.she was mean and rude and awful to us provided little help just using us for money donations so she could use the money for herself and she belittled us in front of each other at her sermons. When going through a tough time in life the women don’t need to be chastised as whores. She has a lot of nerve collecting donations like that and then talking to us so badly to our faces. After my stay I felt even worse than before I got there.


    • Ms. Lee, we are so sorry to hear about your experience. We have not heard of any related stories, but we pray that you will find forgiveness in what you stated occurred and pray for those who may need divine intervention as a result of it. We hope that you find comfort and strength through your recovery. Blessings to you!


  2. Alice Nevels says:

    This is such a belessing. This is my Ministry and i can’t waite to open up a house in my home town. Thank you this a trutly motivation fro be.


  3. Kim says:

    Loretta this is Kim from burns.. please call me 7042682030


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