Saluting Christopher Dennis Founder of Leaving It Behind (LIB)

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Ordinary People/Extraordinary Things
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Like an action packed movie that keeps you holding your breath, the life of Christopher Dennis plays the character that is able to walk away from the carnage of mass destruction that tried to kill him. However, this is real life and Christopher Dennis succeeded against the odds of life vs. death. Still getting a little emotional when discussing his near fatal motorcycle accident, Christopher has committed his life to helping people who keep going in the midst of struggles. When his motorcycle accident left him in critical condition, his injuries were so severe that doctors were uncertain whether he would survive. He continuously echoes that God’s mercy kept him, so he wouldn’t let go. Christopher knew that he survived for a reason and that reason was to put God first and be the best servant that God needed for him to be.

Christopher is the founder of Leaving It Behind (LIB), a non-profit organization that targets at risk youth. He maintains a community presence by reaching out to the youth and encouraging them to succeed through such projects as sporting events and walks for peace. Three things that made the change for the accomplishments of LIB, and continue to be its ongoing mantra include:

  • Putting in God FIRST – By putting God first wipes away our differences and find the commonalities that make us who we are and how we should treat each other.
  • Stop Calling our Neighborhoods the “HOOD”. Perception is reality. What we call ourselves will become our reflection. Leaving It Behind was birthed on this principle. We had to change the mentality to be able to change the reality.
  • Build diversity under the power of inclusion and impact of exclusion. We have to close not only the diversity barriers of color, but also the diversity of social and economical structures to find common ground. This completed the circle of Putting in God FIRST.

Recently Christopher was named the recipient of the 2010 Martin Luther King, Jr. “Keeper of the Dream Award” in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a Market Data Operations Manager for Bank of America, Christopher was recognized for his strong commitment to maintaining high levels of operational improvements that meet organizational objectives. He serves as President of the Lockwood Home Owner’s Association, and has the opportunity to implement financial programs and other viable resources for the community, to offset the impacts of gentrification. Christopher also serves as a Master Sergeant of the South Carolina McIntire Air National Guard, where he manages the Ground Radio communication shop for the entire base.

The tragedies, adversities and victories Christopher experienced in his life, ignited his commitment to serving his community with passion, determination and dignity. He currently resides in North Carolina where he enjoys reading, writing and speaking poetry, spending time with family, working with youth, helping others and above all, putting God first. For further information, you may email Christopher at

Favorite Things for a CAUSE salutes you Christopher Dennis, founder of Leaving It Behind for your inspiration and dedication of service to the community and to the at risk youth you serve!

  1. Ray says:

    I truly admire your commitment to change in your/our community. Thank you.


  2. This is awesome Chris! I am proud to call you ‘friend’ and HHS classmate.


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