Saluting Margot Le Baron, Book Drive Coordinator

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Ordinary People/Extraordinary Things
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Drive for others is one for the books

We came across this story about an amazing teenager with a big heart. Margot Le Baron is a remarkable young lady, who wanted to do something significant and powerful in the community. The following story appeared in The Charlotte Observer on Sunday January 17, 2010. We are including the following link, but in the event that this link becomes archived or inactive, we posted the story in its entirety below. We would like to thank John Anderson, a columnist from Waxhaw, NC contributing to The Charlotte Observer Neighbors section, for sharing this incredible story with the community.

Student collected more than 800 books for kids who don’t have access to them.

Margot Le Baron looks over some of the books she collected to help “A Child’s Place” assist homeless children with their ongoing education. Margot conducted her first book drive in her Hunter Oaks neighborhood in November. CAROL LE BARON

When young people develop a vision and then see a project through to completion, the effect can be powerful – for the youthful visionary and the community. Margot Le Baron is a student at Marvin Ridge High School who took it upon herself to hold a neighborhood book drive to benefit children who don’t have books as a part of their daily routine. When I heard about the project, I contacted Margot to learn more about the how and why of her efforts.

Margot wrote to tell me:

“It all started in the past year when I was thinking about doing something for the community. I really enjoy reading so I decided to collect books. I found a great association called “A Child’s Place” that helps homeless children with their school work and other necessities. I got 125 paper bags donated from Harris Teeter. Then, I made up flyers and hand delivered them to houses around the neighborhood. The flyers explained that if anybody wanted to donate books they could place them next to their mailbox and I would pick them up, which I did on a Sunday in November.”

The Hunter Oaks neighborhood where Margot lives embraced her project with enthusiasm. Melody Graham, a neighbor, described the collection process this way:

“I saw her on the day she scheduled for pickup, driving around the neighborhood gathering up a huge number of books. She’d jump out of the back of her mother’s mini-van and run up to the front door where neighbors left shopping bags of books.”

“The minivan was full by the end of the day. I later saw her and her mother riding their bikes around the neighborhood to pick up a later collection.”

Margot was surprised and gratified with the outpouring of gently used books that were donated to her cause. “My original goal was to collect 250 books, but I ended up with over 800,” she said. “The best feeling in the world was walking home with all of those bags and boxes of books. The community really responded and was so supportive.”

How did she feel when the project exceeded her expectations? “I got a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I’m helping others and that so many were willing to contribute. I’m looking forward to handing over the books to “A Child’s Place.” A Child’s Place is a private Charlotte-based agency (go online to with the goals “to provide stable, appropriate education to homeless students; to provide support services to enhance their opportunities for academic success and to provide services to families to ensure long-term stability and self-sufficiency.”

I asked Margot if she planned to continue with her efforts in the future. “I plan to collect books every fall and spring from now on that I will donate to interested associations or organizations. Please mention that I’m always looking for them. It was a great experience, and I can’t wait until spring.”

Favorite Things for a CAUSE would like to congratulate and salute Margot Le Baron for passionately collecting books for homeless kids who don’t have access to them! This is a wonderful story of an ordinary person, doing an extraordinary thing! Great job!


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