People Still Have A Heart

Posted: January 16, 2010 in Benevolent, Community Outreach
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In light of the recent catastrophe that occurred this week in Haiti with a record 7.0 seismic earthquake, along with the 2004 Tsunami in Southeast Asia, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 or The 1925 Tri-State Tornado, disasters have a way of bridging gaps that separate us physically, economically, spiritually and globally. There are many who will sit, watch and say someone needs to do something and then there are others who stand, aid and comfort those who are forlorn.

There are many who analyze, evaluate, are insensitive and ridicule some humanitarian efforts, but fortunately they are a minority. We must not be entrapped by their rhetorical ignorance, because we can utilize our energy in a more positive capacity. It’s most unfortunate that we also find others who use disasters or benevolent missions as an opportunity to create fraudulent intentions to deceive the givers and invoke mistrust. Don’t worry, in time these scammers will be dealt with and trust me, payback is no joke.

If we look around, despite the idleness and narrow-mindedness that plagues the thoughts and hearts of so many, we still witness tremendous human compassion that is colorblind to race, creed, demographics and economics. May we continue to embrace the fruits of our spirit, stay prayerful and never forget to do for the least of these, not just in times of disasters, but always. No matter what, it still warms my spirit to watch daily eyewitness accounts of people who still have a heart, doing some incredible things within their reach. If our children can do it, then it behooves us to do even more.


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