Saluting The Dove’s Nest Staff in Charlotte, NC

Posted: October 13, 2009 in Community Outreach
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Gwen at The Dove's Nest


Over the past two years, you heard and read a lot on our forum about one of the organizations we grew fond of called The Dove’s Nest. This organization, which is a subsidiary of The Charlotte Rescue Mission in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a program that provides a loving, highly-structured Christian environment to help women understand and deal with the core issues of their alcohol and/or drug addiction. The Dove’s Nest is in the midst of a Capital Campaign to garner financial assistance for their proposed expansion facility in 2010. This new expansion facility will increase their current bed capacity from 12 to 90.




Together, people can make a positive difference in our communities and various charitable institutions around our city, state, nation and international sectors. Working together can generate greater strength and a steadfast support system to help heal many wounded and discouraged souls who feel lost, abandoned, defeated and unloved.




We want to pay tribute to the dedicated staff of the Dove’s Nest for their commitment to helping so many women regain a sense of purpose, faith, spiritual relationship and the fortitude to win over their adversities. With the intention of returning these women to their communities to become viable contributors, paying it forward is what this great team of servants do! To donate to the Capital Campaign or to schedule a “Lunch & Learn” tour to learn more about what The Dove’s Nest and The Charlotte Rescue Mission does on a daily basis, visit

A special thank you to the following staff members for all you do:


  • Bobbie Siebuhr – Program Director
  • Shante Anderson – Case/Facility/Volunteer Manager
  • Linda Currie – Asst. Program Director/Admissions Counselor
  • Ronda Shock – PT Chaplain
  • Delita Chavis-Rea – Aftercare Counselor
  • Elaine Marlow – PT Data Entry Clerk
  • Carolyn Odom – Food Service Manager
  • Gwen Williams – 2nd shift Technician
  • Robin Eades – 3rd shift Technician
  • Tina Boyer – Weekend Technician
  • Rose Sanders – PT PRN Technician

Our hats off to this dedicated staff at The Dove’s Nest!


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