Saluting Nettie Reeves, Owner of N’shape with’N

Posted: April 18, 2009 in Ordinary People/Extraordinary Things
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Nettie Reeves Pride-Awards-2008-004Although Nettie Reeves is a business owner, motivational speaker and fitness expert with over twenty years of experience in fitness and wellness training and education, she has a proven record of accomplishments in starting and managing fitness programs, expanding networks and developing community outreach programs. Her expertise energizes her passion to make her community healthier.

By educating people and motivating them to be more health conscious, Nettie’s intoxicating energy and spirit is an asset in her efforts to make a valuable difference in her community. Serving her community is a priority, as she demonstrates this through her volunteerism with countless church events, workshops, health fairs, or donating more than 150 pairs of shoes to lower income children at the Greater Enrichment Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. She invites new opportunities to speak about health and fitness issues with organizations, businesses or at trade shows and conferences.

Nettie has a diverse audience, which is evident as she teaches chair aerobics to senior citizens, offers workout classes to children and is a spokesperson for the American Heart Association for Childhood Obesity. She is fanatical about helping kids understand the importance of leading healthy and active lives. Her philosophy is “The mind, not the mirror, is the judge.” She feels that in order to be fit on the outside, you must first be fit on the inside. This fitness is a cleansing process that begins with the individual and something that only they can do. Nettie advises, “It is with the help of God that you will first recognize that the change is needed, secondly to make up your mind to make the change and last but not least, work on the change for the rest of your life!”

Nettie is a recipient of the Steve Harvey Hoodie Award for Best Community Leader, the WSOC Black Heritage Award, the General Mills “Feeding Dreams Community Service Award” and The Pride Healthcare Service Award (honoring a Mecklenburg County African American who has established a for-profit business in the health care field or in a field directly related to health care, while using passion and entrepreneurial skills to become self-sufficient and to help others).

Favorite Things for a CAUSE salutes you, Nettie Reeves, for your outstanding service and dedication to serve your community with pride, dignity and passion. For more information about this extraordinary woman doing some extraordinary things, visit her website at


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