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Posted: March 31, 2009 in Community Outreach
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As Favorite Things for a CAUSE continues to spotlight ordinary people doing some extraordinary things, we decided to do a little research to get a better feel of what volunteerism looks like on a national scale. So, we turned to the website for Volunteering in America (Corporation for National and Community Service) and discovered some amazing statistics.

  • Did you know that in 2007, 60.8 million volunteers dedicated 8.1 billion hours of service to community organizations?
  • Did you know that the #1 region for volunteer rate: Midwest at 32.2%?
  • Did you know that the #1 state for volunteer rate: Utah at 43.9%?
  • Did you know that the #1 large city for volunteer rate: Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN at 39.3%?
  • Did you know that the #1 mid-size city for volunteer rate: Provo, UT at 63.8%?

Here are some interesting trends that Volunteering In America reported for Large and Mid-Sized cities in the U.S.

Ranking Top 10 Large Cities for Volunteer Rate

1.    Minneapolis-St Paul, MN 39.3%

2.    Salt Lake City, UT 37.2%

3.    Portland, OR 35.6%

4.    Seattle, WA 35.5%

5.    Austin, TX 35.3%

6.    Columbus, OH 34.7%

7.    Milwaukee, WI 34.6%

8.    Birmingham, AL 34.4%

9.    Kansas City, MO 33.8%

10. Charlotte, NC 32.6%

Ranking Top 10 Mid-Size Cities for Volunteer Rate

1.    Provo, UT 63.8%

2.    Iowa City, IA 45.1%

3.    Madison, WI 42.3%

4.    Greenville, SC 41.0%

5.    Ogden, UT 41.0%

6.    Topeka, KS 40.6%

7.    Fort Collins, CO 40.2%

8.    Burlington, VT 40.1%

9.    Cedar Rapids, IA 40.1%

10. Des Moines, IA 38.8% 

There is an unlimited amount of community projects, societies, educational and religious institutions, and non-profit organizations where we find everyday people serving unselfishly. However, you do not have to always volunteer with an organization, to be a volunteer! Look around you. Check out your neighborhood and discover individuals who may need a little assistance. Do not wait for an invitation. Get involved! For more information concerning the above statistics and to learn more about Volunteering In America, visit their website at http://www.VolunteeringInAmerica.gov.


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