Ordinary People – Extraordinary Things

Posted: January 29, 2009 in Community Outreach
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Favorite Things for a CAUSE is celebrating and paying homage to many unsung heroes doing some extraordinary things in our communities.

Everyone has a purpose in life and we are discovering a number of people, doing some amazing things to help those in need, by lending a helping hand and extending the gift of hope, during a time when hopelessness is running rampant. Beginning in February, Favorite Things for a CAUSE will feature many everyday people, with a commitment to serve their communities through unselfish acts of service, when they themselves may not be financially wealthy or hold a celebrity status.

Normally, during economic turmoil, philanthropy is not necessarily at the top of everyone’s  list of things to do. Yet, despite the challenges of the economy, we are still finding many instances where people are reaching out and doing something incredible to help in our community efforts.  People who are struggling themselves, find ways to do something to help someone else in need, as opposed to standing, looking and doing absolutely nothing.

Everywhere you look, from the newspapers, to television, to radio, and through the Internet, we are bombarded with depressing or tragic news that can easily send your spirit into a tailspin of despair. As we continue to update you on the projects and services we are engaged in with Favorite Things for a CAUSE, we want to incorporate some noteworthy news of encouragement, love and inspiration on this forum that is shared with us from people everywhere. There are many people hurting all around us and if each one of us can do something to give someone else an ounce of hope, then we will quickly discover just how contagious love and healing can be.

As President Obama mentioned in his Inaugural Speech, “We will extend our hand, if you will unclench your fist.” So reach out and touch someone’s hand, to help pull them up out of the sinking sand. However, be cautious of the hand that tries to pull you down.

We look forward to sharing these wonderful stories of inspiration with you. If you would like to leave an encouraging or inspiring comment, please feel free to do so. Thank you and be a blessing to someone today!

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.”
 – Mother Teresa




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